Today we go over 12 interesting Mandela effects, from a Spongebob scene, Mario Kart changes, to a Home Alone line, these Mandela effects are weird…


Mandela Effect
The Iceberg Explained
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17 new mandela effects
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Iceberg channel
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Darkest Child A – Kevin MacLeod
On the Island – Godmode
Lands Unknown – Futuremono
Two Moons – Bobby Richards
Glacier – Patrick Patrikios
Feels – Patrick Patrikios
Secret Job – Godmode
Retro Dreamscape – Twin Musicom
Underwater Exploration – Godmode


Intro: (0:00)
Mario Kart Change: (0:42)
Chuck E Cheese: (1:58)
King Tut: (3:01)
Beats by Dre: (4:04)
Abraham Lincoln: (5:08)
iOS Mummy Emoji: (5:57)
Spongebob Changes: (6:47)
Statue of Liberty: (9:28)
2001 a Space Oddesy: (10:01)
Air Jordan: (10:40)
Dora: (11:34)
Britney Spears: (12:07)
Wii Mini: (13:36)
Charlie Brown: (14:28)
Gummy Bear: (16:07)
Home Alone: (16:53)
John Deer: (19:14)