Show Subjects;
The Mandela Effect.
Google Scholar.
Here’s a question, why is there no cup in a pregnancy test.
Better question, why would a man test positive on a pregnancy test?
Steve have a public Service Announcement; Poop before you go for a car ride. even if you don’t need to go. Many bathrooms are closed due to the pandemic.
KFC is no longer finger licking good.
Bella Thorne ruins OnlyFans for everyone else by cheating her fans.
The latest trend is bullying by being hurtful, but Steve says “You think you can hurt me……I play golf…I pay good money to make myself look bad”.
Funguy The Entertainer has a potentially naughty positive message this week.
Japan’s ‘flying car’ gets off ground, with a person aboard.
See what Steve has realized about seeing a “therapist”
Our Word Of The Week: Gig Economy.

Two guys, one from the West and one from the Midwest talking about things they find interesting in the world.
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