50+ Mandela Effect Examples showing comparison pictures of past and current realities.Curious George,Interview with A Vampire,Oxy Clean,Wizard of Oz,Mr.Monopoly/Rich Uncle Pennybags,American Gothic,Steven Segal,Vapor Rub,Field of Dreams,If you build it,they will come,Volkswagen Logo/Emblem,St.Paulie Girl,Luke,I am your Father,Ventor Ave.,Chic-Fil-A,C3PO’s silver leg,the Great Pyramid,The Graduate,A-Team,Johnny Quest,Mirror,Mirror,Berenstein Bears,Mister Rogers,It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,Dezi Arnez,Lucy,you got some “splaining” to do,JAWS,We’re going to need a bigger boat,Sex in the City,Forrest Gump,Life is like a box of chocolates,Charles Schultz,Evel,Evil Knievel,Mighty Mouse,Risky Buisness,Draino,Mona Lisa’s smile,Febreeze,Vlassic pickles,Depends,Proctor and Gamble,Village People,Gordon’s Fish,Fruit Loops,Houston,We have a problem,Apollo 13,Tony the Tiger,they’re grrreat!,Tidy Cats,King Vitamin,Looney Tunes/Toons,Condoleeza,Linda Carter,Reba McIntyre,Haley;s Comet,Chris Everette,Chevron,What do you remember?

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