What is REAL? Why we have different memory in the same thing or event?
Is Parallel Universe a real theory or just an illusion?

00:00| Opening
02:34| Parallel Universe and Manifestation
10:43| The experience of Ayahuasca
18:36| Is our life destined?

Hello! We are Violet Twin Flames.
We are sharing many kinds of spiritual topics here.
All the sharing is based on “consciousness only” to talk.
It divided into two main subjects:

1.Enlightenment(log out of the game):
We can see through all the circumstances by just aware and no defining them.
At that time, you’ll experience life itself. (logout)
Furthermore, you can break all the beliefs you have and turn off the computer. (go home)

2.To become a super gamer
In this game of life, you’ll realize all the things you experienced are manifested by your beliefs.
Therefore, we’re going to teach you how to control the beliefs so that you can be the gamer of your game of life.
After that, you can truly enjoy this game of life by controlling this character without any framework.

Our channel contains many kinds of spiritual topics from easy to involved.
Each video suits different people according to their life stage.
You can follow your heart to choose which one to watch first.

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1.Violet Twin Flames (Mo Zi & Jo Jo) won’t create any non-official club, blog, group of social apps named as Violet Twin Flames.
2.Except for the speech from Mo Zi & Jo Jo in person, no one’s opinion can represent Violet Twin Flames. The speech from us in person is the most direct and promising.
3.If you see someone sharing content by the same name with us, make sure it’s the real one before believing it.

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