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5D is a shift in perception, which gives you access to new “tools” spiritually. 5D is the beginning point. It is not a destination.. more like a linking point. To connect to your higher self so then your higher self can connect to your Oversoul, Monad & the group consciousness. We have to get to the “13th gate” ..as my ancestors call it… beyond higher dimensional manipulation & direct connection to the Logos/Source/All That Is. Well beyond the 9th dimensional as well. Aluna Ash 9D is a geometric pattern…. I know many assume “9D” in my name youtube means 9D.

**And no one can be left behind because an aspect of you ALREADY exists there (higher dimensions-beyond linear time & 3D plane) we are just merging with more of ourselves. 5D is a linking point. So the higher part of you is always there & its just about removing the ego/personality aspect to be able to connect with that part. The Personality & Soul aspect work together with higher dimensional aspects to decide “fated” “karmic” or “destined” events based of Universal Laws. Living in the present moment, feeling love, joy, compassion & listening to your heart is aligning with your True Self.

Happy Full Moon😘 I know things have felt intense for many.. as these timelines keep collapsing. Theres alot of clearing & activating we are all doing.

We are getting closer to the new Sun cycle & peak of that cycle in the coming years, so the waves pick up. Some feels these more then others. And we did have some light/flare released from beyond our Sun which I feel many are picking up on along with the Full Moon frequencies. This new galactic year is the beginning of the Feminine cycle & living more beyond linear time as a collective, which means past-present-future fold. Synchronicities, Deja Vu type experiences, Mandela effect, manifestations, etc.. all start to speed up.

Kimberly’s Video:

Please feel free to Share her video if it resonates in your heartπŸ’œ
Kimberly is hoping to seek alternative treatments.. she has done alot for the collective and is humbly asking for help as she moves through this next stage of her path/journey. She had given me guidance not too long ago about a name that was coming through & she was 100{20c0e6fde16440147db69656cf03e8fbbef006b318db781ec170360dd66f09f1} on point.. weeks later this person showed up in my reality. I also wanted to mention when I came across a video of hers months ago- it was a Soul recognition, I didn’t see her face, I saw a title of a video & her youtube name w the circle pic.

Divine Feminines & Divine Masculines,
If you feel guided to donate for Kimberly’s treatment, all is helpful… including sending the energy of love and support, tips, guidance, etc… all of it is helpful during this next stage of her path.
Kimberly’s Website for Donations: