Has the world become a simulation since 2012? What is the Mandela Effect ? Is this an alternate reality ? Are there multiple universes? Are we just AI or are we meat puppets that have harnessed consciousness? Do you remember things the way they didn’t happen? Died the world end and did we go online?

These questions and more are answered in this BnJ Expose! Josh and Bubba ask the hard questions and do the hard thinking when it comes to our existence and what we perceive to be reality. Did the world actually end in 2012? Did a genie movie starring Sinbad that many people remember just evaporate into the nether? Or did it never exist? Why do we have so many false memories?

Find out here and now, once and for all!

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Our original BnJ Expose episode “We Have All Eaten Human Meat!”

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Sinbad Stopped Fighting the Legacy of ‘Shazam,’ the Movie That Doesn’t Exist, Because of ‘The X-Files’

Today, I met a Christian who legit said that Satan put dinosaur fossils in the ground to make us believe in evolution. from atheism


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