Let’s chit chat about the power of dream incubation! Dream Incubation Technique by Your Youniverse??? Mandela Effect Is Fake??? What?!?!?

Here’s another installation of my weekly Blissful Chit Chat series in which I take you along with me on my journey of manifestation, motivation and inspiration. My life has taken quite a few twists and turns and even in the midst of it all I am absolutely enjoying every delicious moment of the ride and would love it if you would tag along. So join me every week for Blissful Chats as we share, grow and manifest our dreams together. I’ll share with you some things that I do to stay inspired, pressing forward and in a blissful state of mind no matter what is going on. Exciting times ahead!!!! I look forward to seeing you there in peace & love!


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Blissfully Mindful

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