Q&A Talk Chapters :
00:00 If one gets distracted easily how can they keep focus to have the Divine flame enter them and not be led astray?
06:00 Is dajjal (man of deceit) going to or currently manipulating time?
07:33 Specialty of the short videos for new audiences
10:37 Is there a reality of the word ‘Rabbi-ul Awwal’?
17:30 Prophet ﷺ says, ‘The first thing Allah (AJ) created is light of your Prophet ﷺ .’ In this context what is the difference between nur (light) and diya (fire)?
26:15 When you say, ‘Go into the sun,’ do you mean the difficulty one has to undergo in life?
29:27 If we are trying to negate ourselves and become nothing, how can we avoid being taken advantage of or being ran all over?

Recorded : 20220930

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