Hello guys!!!

So, today I tried something different for you. I really like to read up and research on conspiracy theories, urban legends, true crimes, paranormal experiences, etc. so I thought, why not give all of you a taste of my interests today? I don’t know if you appreciate this type of content – so , let me know whether you liked it or not. There is so much to this world that is yet to be discovered, even in literature! That’s where this particular video idea emerges.
Disney could never.


~ Pim.


Disclaimer: I don’t own any part of Disney or Brothers Grimm content. These are just information that I’ve found and read up on, online.



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Hello! I’m Pim. I’m a certified professional makeup artist. I’m here to share everything I’ve learned (and still learning) about beauty, and lifestyle. I hope I amuse and inspire you being my weird yet curious self. Thank you for watching. Take care!