This video is the work of Observation Deck

What I like about this video is Observation Deck connects the dots. He calls is a GLOBAL MANDELA EFFECT which I think is his way connecting the Mud Flood 500 years ago and Tartaria with its cause “The Mandela Effect”.

To me this big Neon Pink Elephant in the room. I’ve been meaning to make some videos on this myself. And I still from a (Practitioner instead of Researcher’s) point of view. But this video is a great start.

As for Nikola Tesla be a Tartarian, well I knew it was only a matter of time before people started going off on tangents with this information. But so what if you can back it up go for it.

I also need to give a big thank you to Outer Limits channel who did the legwork of putting this 3 hour video together.

More Questions

This episode takes a close look at what the Mandela effect is, and could it be responsible for a global “glitch” in the matrix of reality?

Was Tesla from the lost civilization that ruled before the great mud flood?

Did Tesla have access to previous knowledge from the lost empire?

This video will take a look at all these things…

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