This week Jeff and Bill talk about fly fishing’s 5 most epic hatches and their new brand.

00:01 Jeff is not on and Bill makes a joke about mooning the bus driver
02:19 Jeff receives corporal punishment in public school
03:45 Bill get’s caught smoking by his dad
05:30 Crazy alcohol law in Texas
06:18 Bill works are the concrete plant
07:20 Back to the ghost of Frozen Patty
08:28 A shout out to discount code (beermoney20)
10:30 Spirit djembe lessons, meditation, and more at
13:17 In Other News- Ravens Are Swooping In and Stealing Groceries From Shoppers in Costco Parking Lot
17:00 PG movies of the 80’s and the Expendables franchise
19:00 Madmen and addictive series
21:37Jeff and Bill’s favorite podcasts
22:30 Teeth are turning gold
24:00 The Gold Dust Fraud
27:35 Fly Fishing’s Top 5 Most Epic Hatches-
28:30 Rumble in the Jungle and the WWF (not the WWE)
31:29 Publisher’s Clearing House and the Mandela Effect
33:15 Our New Brand, Vision and Where We’re Headed
36:00 Our Brand New Brand and Logo- Maneki-Neko Cat

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Top Five Epic Hatches from Field & Stream- (beermoney20)

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