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Find out what the universe has to offer when the intuitive energy of Elizabeth April channels information from other dimensions in order to help you expand your consciousness.

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Walk on the path of enlightenment when understanding the healing properties of an energetic transformation with Elizabeth April. Elizabeth is a revolutionary psychic healer and life coach who redefined the term “fortune teller”. Without the use of tarot cards, crystals or spirits, she has the ability to tap into spiritual information.

Connecting with your angles, the universe and past life times it is important to understand that what is channeled is from one perspective. The information is pure but the translation is perspective. If this high vibrational information resonates with you please visit this site as well as the rest of this channel to begin your mission in expanding your conscious soul.

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Prepare your mind, body and spirit to understand the in-depth facets of this reality and the humanity which exists within it.

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