Since so many people claimed to have vivid memories of a Sinbad Genie Movie, it should be no problem to give details of things that happened in the movie. And many people asked for just that in the comments of various Sinbad Genie Movie Mandela Effect-related videos and posts.

The details of the Sinbad Genie Movies were often easy to get, and they often contradicted each other. The kids in the movie were different, the outfits he wore were different, the mechanisms through which his powers worked were different, etc. Some even disagreed on the title, Shazaam.

Ironically, quite a few times, people who agreed that there was a Sinbad genie movie, but disagreed on the details would accuse each other of remembering incorrectly. The irony is strong.

Funny enough, with so much talk about this elusive Sinbad genie movie, Sinbad has alluded to the possibility of making an actual genie movie just to shut people up.

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