* The Earth is not a Globe!

I don’t believe in Simulation Theory, Mandela Effect, Chemtrails and Demons turning themselves into Airplanes!

Jason and Ronnie of Beyond Flat Earth, this is my last correspondence to all your allegations.

These guys push the flat earth, demons, Mandela and Simulation! I will not push their garbage ever again. I once trusted them guys and they had me fooled.

Personally, I will not push Flat earth unless I come across more information that might warrant calling it flat. We can only see a certain distance (24 Miles) so to just assume the whole earth is flat is just ridiculous.

Mandela, Simulation, Chemtrails and Demons are just hoaxes so that those looking into truth will have something to follow for a long time. The real truth is this place is real, we are being lied to about what shape the earth is and the hiding of free energy from the public.

* The Earth is not a Globe!