This is part three of a immense compilation of most deep information and impact – this will change your life and elevate your heart and mind forever – if you allow it to resonate and flow.

It’s about becoming conscious about shifting timelines, how to switch parallel realities by will, how sychronicities, dejavu’s and realizing your multiple you’s are a sign you are on the path into multidimensional awakening – and becoming the living mandala / mandela effect.

The movie series is a compilation of over 40 bestof Videos that are quoted in shortcuts. It calls me to make visible the connection of Mandela Effect, parallel realities, shifting timelines, Dejavu, Synchronicity, Hacking Reality, Simulation, Ascension to the 5th, Awakening and mastering the physical (so or similar) – and also with great intensity ‚A Timeline without the Illuminati‘ – how to manifest positivity and literally become the Mandela Effect / consciously shifting globally to higher frequencies.

We are literally able to shape-shift as we know it from science fiction – when we ascend into physical light bodies, where the Mandela Effect is the pre-stage of first getting shocked, that amused and then awakening into the higher dimensions and the 5th where we are one soul.

For an overview / intro about the main contents, watch the SPECIAL part:
KlarTraum Mandela Effect SPECIAL 1/3 – Intro / mind-blow overview:

also KlarTraum Mandela Effect SPECIAL 2/3 – more-and-everywhere – Return of Magic:
a overview of hundrets of Mandela Effects in all categories.

10 Best Mandela Effect Examples of 2017-2018 NEW – Creepiest Examples, Hidden Knowledge, 2017

New Mandela Effect Examples Update 2018 – Easter Island – Snow White, Hidden Knowledge, 2018

The Mandela Effect A Critical Analysis, LEMMiNO, 2017

Hacking Reality Using Synchronicity, Mind444 Spiritual Tribe, 2018

Mandela Effect Theory_ Yes We’re in a Dream (Synchronicities_ Symbolism_ Music, Mandela Effect), Vanessa VA, 2019 – ask

How to Use Positive Thinking to Reprogram The Matrix, Mind444 Spiritual Tribe, 2017

My work is also about about how to body-own activate the spirit molecule / multidimensional neurotransmitter dmt – what is not only a great healer as it raises your frequency and cleans out all emotional and physical trash. DMT should also be mentioned and recognised as main power source in Pranic Lifestyle what is also one of my main topics to make visible and I created a movie series / documentary on that. This is really worth having a look, also you see me in live-videos to get a feeling about my creation:

check out the movie / documentary as LucidDream-artwork about
Pranic Living / Breatharians / Ascension into Physical LIght Bodies / mastering the physical:

ger: MIND OVER MATTER – Lichtmensch, Breatharian & Prana Dokumentation:

MIND OVER MATTER – Breatharian & Pranic Documentation (English):

LucidDream – Symphony of Global Awakening – Handbook of a Fairy
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