It’s about the stunning and thrilling analogy of the Mandela and Salvia Effect – multidimensional aha’s and recognition of nuances of shifting timelines in everyday’s life … connecting ultimately the dots … becoming the dimension-shift and creator. Why consciousness is within a black hole. How Salvia is code and function of time and reality factory – sacred and divine. Portal of 5-MeO-DMT and Salvia Divinorum / Virgin Mary.

Trips Worth Telling: The Salvia Trip That Took Me from Alaska to Texas – I spent eight years of my life with strangers in a strange land, by Steve Cantwell – is quoted in detail in the video:

Also quoted: ‘LucidDream – This is the PORTAL’:

The video is part of a bigger movie series for the Mandela Effect – here is the playlist:
KlarTraum Mandela Effect – Shifting Timelines, Synchronicity, Ascension, 5th, Awakening

The movie series is a compilation of over 40 bestof Videos that are quoted in shortcuts. It calls me to make visible the connection of Mandela Effect, parallel realities, shifting timelines, Dejavu, Synchronicity, Hacking Reality, Simulation, Ascension to the 5th, Awakening and mastering the physical (so or similar) – and also with great intensity ‚A Timeline without the Illuminati‘ – how to manifest positivity and literally become the Mandela Effect / consciously shifting globally to higher frequencies.

SALVIA – The History & Truth of Salvia Divinorum, Audible484, 2018

Joe Rogan & Dennis McKenna on Salvia Divinorum and the Sonoran Toad (JRE #946), Member Berry, 2017

The Issue With Smoking Salvia Divinorum Extracts, DeNightDimension, 2018

Salvia Divinorum is My Favorite Psychedelic (Am I Crazy_), DeNightDimension, 2018

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LucidDream Audiobook 3 / 7 – Salvia Divinorum and Swarm-Intelligence, Derivation of Immortality:

deutsch: KlarTraum Hörbuch 3 / 7 – Salvia Divinorum und SchwarmIntelligenz, Herleitung der Unsterblichkeit:

KlarTraum – 0 – Salvia Göttin:

– Jamura: Salvia Effect, DreamTea (
– E-Mantra Silence feat Terence Mc Kenna quoting Corpus Hermeticum:

– Inner and outer space guitar play – inspired by Terence McKenna

Many artworks by Schizo, see

My work is also about about how to body-own activate the spirit molecule / multidimensional neurotransmitter dmt – what is not only a great healer as it raises your frequency and cleans out all emotional and physical trash. DMT should also be mentioned and recognised as main power source in Pranic Lifestyle what is also one of my main topics to make visible and I created a movie series / documentary on that. This is really worth having a look, also you see me in live-videos to get a feeling about my creation:

check out the movie / documentary as LucidDream-artwork about
Pranic Living / Breatharians / Ascension into Physical LIght Bodies / mastering the physical:

ger: MIND OVER MATTER – Lichtmensch, Breatharian & Prana Dokumentation:

MIND OVER MATTER – Breatharian & Pranic Documentation (English):

LucidDream – Symphony of Global Awakening – Handbook of a Fairy
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