Hey, for this video I will be discussing the Mandela effect and how it seems that people tend to deny things that they don’t understand. It makes their life simpler for them if they just deny the existence of something or a phenomenon that they can’t comprehend or understand. Because we as humans can’t comprehend the complexity of certain situations, we tend to ignore them. Also, we have a natural tendency, it seems to ignore what we don’t want to hear, and I’m guilty of that as well. So, the bottom line for this video is I know the Mandela effect is real and those of you speaking with me know that this phenomenon is real, but I feel that it’s our duty to share as much evidence as we can as well as our memories, and prove to others that it is a true phenomenon. As to the exact reason it’s happening or how or why, I still don’t know one answer. I do know that the media does not take things seriously unless it’s something that they want to push or an agenda that they would like to push. This phenomenon is real, please help me share it! Much love and peace!