Mandela Effect – Did Spider-man every have Underarm Webbing?

Spider-Man’s original costume had underarm webbing – but did they serve any real purpose? Find out!

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Reader Larry C. wrote in to ask if there was any functional purpose to the underarm webbing that Spider-Man wore on his original Steve Ditko-designed costume?

Spider-Man debuted in “Amazing Fantasy” #15 with a costume designed by Steve Ditko (the cover here, though, is by Jack Kirby)…

In the issue, we actually see Spider-Man design his costume. You see, he decided to become a professional wrestler and determined that he needed a nice costume for the gig…

That’s all Spider-Man’s original costume was meant to be, a wrestling costume. Thus, it appears clear that the underarm webbing is meant as just decorative.

This is made clearer in the first “Amazing Spider-Man Annual”, where there is a back-up giving a lot of details about Spider-Man’s costume and his gadgets…

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