The Mandela Effect, is perhaps, one of the most shocking, overwhelming and most confounding certainties that can penetrate the human mind so harshly that it can cause a small awakening within an individual, or, cause one to denounce such wild theories and use the confabulation argument via Wikipedia on every single effect despite the growing mass of evidence that something is clearly altering recorded history.

For many of us, the Mandela Effect has had a profound influence in our lives since discovering it. Life was for lack of a better term “normal” before the Mandela effect, but after coming in contact with this, it has caused many of us, including myself, to question my own beliefs on how this universe functions and my role in it. The Mandela effect has the strike of a 1,000 tons of dynamite on the human psyche, but nothing in comparison to what I am going to talk to you here tonight. This is a rabbit hole and it goes deep!

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