why did he wait till the end to talk about his kids may because he did not want to talk about it till the end as it may have been because he wanted to finish the effect video without being too upset i know when i first discovered my missing children i did not speak about it til the end for the same reason and men dont cry

the above statement is added by a fellow bb that also has lost he same kids in this reality they still exist im out original realities how do i know i been to other realities where they exist but was not my world so they still exist after you jump to many realities you realise this and there is hope we still may go home i pry we do anyway

signed Bluebeard2011 sago arm different verse 2 years on
original statement from original Bluebeard below


Mandela effect has removed 3 of my kids from this existence they just don’t exist and my ex’es two did not know me their emails have vanished from my computer as well ( see end of video ) about my kids as did not want to freak people out early in my video) as even more map changes and other crap this is getting freaky . I’m also forming a Mandela effect society so if you have been affected we will have a private place to meet and chat. I’m building the site under construction and will link the site when its up and running
now to those of us that can handle this shit please help the ones really freaking out as I now believe we have had some kind of dimension shift. I think cren has been turned on in a few universes as the exact same time and has caused this to happen

if you are from a different country please translate these videos for me or make similar videos in your native language as this has affected the whole world and please help the ones freaking out as I have come across a few already.

I think this happened in Easter when cern was turned on about the same time all this crap started happening to me

I believe the change has affect some of us in a different way as I have noticed foods tasting different and my gastro intestinal has been weird since Easter I have also noticed a lot of my cloths don’t fit this guy is slimmer then I was still fat but not as fat as I was. Its now been six hours of trying I’ve even tried to contact my exes and two of them did not even know who I was .we had never even met as far as they were concerned, and one was a friend she still knew me. but thought I was pulling her leg as I was having a joke with her so I asked her a few questions to here the earth has always been this way and she is my age. we were good friends we still had a one night stand but no daughter came of it . I was able to contact the exes they were still here . And my kids are un-contactable and what can I do nothing at all, but tell you as I cant tell anyone else they will think i’m nuts. my exes did.oh my kids are missing because we shifted universes, yep if you have the same problem think about it before engaging mouth you may get locked up.my 3 of my kids don’t exist in this universe.
man this hurts . I loved all my kids now I have just 2 not 5. I no longer believe we had time travel involved as this proves we have dimension jumped to this verse

sub to me i’m forming a Mandela effect society to help those like you who have just worked out sub and when site is up ill let you know

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