Luke, I am your father.. Right? Mirror Mirror on the wall.. NOPE! ​​Movie quotes, global events, your memory, and the memories of millions have been TAMPERED with!

So what’s going on, what does it mean? Is it a glitch in the Matrix or a fabricated reality — perhaps even a simulation?

This event is what some may call The Mandela Effect.

We have no better guest to talk about this than Cynthia Sue Larson, best selling author of books like Quantum Jumps and Reality Shifts!

We’ll learn why consciousness is changing our minds, what it means for us, and even how we can use these shifts, to jump to a higher state of reality — called quantum jumps!

You’ll even discover your own personal Golden Timeline!

Make sure to tune in through the entire interview as we give you methods you can use today to further align yourself with the 1 – 9 dimensions, quantum tunneling and bringing ourselves to the center brain.

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