Mandela effect is a wake up call.
The Church is man made, Jesus called the religious leaders hypocrites for a reason. Not much has changed.
Mandela effect residue, the lion shall lie down with the lamb, emoticon smiley face in the bible.

🙂 now cleverly hidden in Mark 6:14 @ 13:00 in this video

Do you know the history of the man made groups you call yourself a part of. Jesus’s message of Love, compassion and forgiveness isn’t the main message of todays church. Bible changes point to a bigger problem happening within the religious system. A system of controlling people through fear and Pauls message of atonement through sacrificing Jesus. Something Jesus never taught. Look it up. Please prove me wrong. Jesus came to show us the way, not do it for us. If that was really his intention, wouldn’t he have said that even once?

The Bible isn’t the inerrant word of God and these changes are designed to make this obvious by revealing that Paul robbed from churches. 2 Corrinthians 11:8, truth is being revealed and the church, that is the people in the church need to turn to the true message of Jesus.

The pastors and preachers are showing their true colors by not admitting or seeing what’s happening to the book they should know very well. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth. The Truth shall set you free.
Oh yeah, that changed too, it now reads, the truth will make you free, John 8:32

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