I had to make a video on this one. This a HUGE change for me that I noticed a month ago. I have had a KENNMORE water heater economizer for 15+ years and it was never: KENMORE with one “N” in my reality growing up .. This looks soooo wrong to me and foreign like Kit-Kat never having a hyphen/dash. When I looked at the logo on the water heater, it immediately stood out to me like a sore thumb. It was jarring to see the missing letter “N” as I specifically remember it with two; which made the logo more unique and symmetrical.

When looking for residual evidence, it was endless, and this video could’ve been way longer. If you do a Google search without quotations and just type: Kennmore, you will find residue from the very first page. There is even residual evidence from the U.S. Patent Office, and the OWNER’s MANUAL from the company THEMSELVES ..licensed by SEARS!

– Bluepacman13

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