Here is some of the information i found on the net!

Sinbad in Shazaam genie movie — He admits 1990s film is real!

Here is another source of my information|
This is the link for proof of Nelson Mandela Death date!{20c0e6fde16440147db69656cf03e8fbbef006b318db781ec170360dd66f09f1}3A{20c0e6fde16440147db69656cf03e8fbbef006b318db781ec170360dd66f09f1}2F{20c0e6fde16440147db69656cf03e8fbbef006b318db781ec170360dd66f09f1}{20c0e6fde16440147db69656cf03e8fbbef006b318db781ec170360dd66f09f1}2F2016{20c0e6fde16440147db69656cf03e8fbbef006b318db781ec170360dd66f09f1}2F08{20c0e6fde16440147db69656cf03e8fbbef006b318db781ec170360dd66f09f1}2Fsouth-african-book-from-1991-nelson-mandela-died-on-23-july-1991.html&v=ZOgU7U94i_o&redir_token=-JqSc7WmyY1QClZf_6Cauk86kct8MTUxOTY0MzEzM0AxNTE5NTU2NzMz&event=video_description

Forest gump movie- for short clip both this reality and other.

Coca cola for their logo and proof of anomaly time line anomaly
Looney Toons for their credit
Berenstein bears for their credit,
Fruit loops, or Froot loops as you know it!
Kit-kat and kitkat for their strange occurrence,
Monopoly for their strange and very odd occurrence.

Ford motor Company for their logo credit- Another strange and odd anomaly,

Sketchers or Skechers for their strange anomaly,

Can not forget jiffy or as you know it jif peanut butter.

All credit when to the proper sources.