Do you remember when and where you were when the Challenger exploded? It appears to have happened at a different time than I and others experienced it happening.

Nestles has an S at the end and there’s proof.

Sept 23rd promises excitement with the Revelation 12 fulfillment or prophecy if indeed something shows up to block out the sun, the only missing component according to some.
I don’t personally think the world is coming to an end but have hopes for the dawn of a new age, a new earth. An age of Love and compassion, wishful thinking? At least that much I have going for me.

JCPenny residue presented in a previous broadcast had Revlon residue beneath, I didn’t see it, but a viewer with a good eye spotted it and brought it to my attention.

Many are awakening to the Mandela effect and wanting answers as to what it is. What is the Mandela effect? I think it’s humanities wake up call to the coming changes.

I believe this was foretold in the works of Dolores Cannon as well as the Law of One Ra material.
I have playlists created that will show you what I’ve found in this search for answers.

Mandela Effect messages playlist

Law of One playlist

Tom Campbells my big TOE (Theory of Everything) a must see

Vintage 1950’s Nestle’s Quik Commercial


Nestle White Chocolate commercial

Sweet Dreams You Can`t Resist – Nestle and Faith No More