I’m bringing back Google Earth and we’re going to discover a New Earth together day by day. I have spent the last week just scanning the whole globe and I have found enough to keep us busy with making videos for the next little while…there’s so much to cover!

I also plan on covering how I feel the changes that we are seeing with this new earth have to do with our ancient civilizations!!! To do this we are going to really have to examine what it is we are seeing with each worldly change. Each one means something special and I will demonstrate a few in the next couple of videos.

I will show how the earth is healing and the things in it. Yes…there is still awful pain in the world…but so much is healing and not being recognized that I feel should we see this other healing that I am talking about… the collective consciousness will kick in and more healing will occur!!!

Stay tuned for many more videos on The New Earth we are being welcomed in to.

I will be live streaming in the mornings now and will be going over Google Earth state by state, province by province, ocean by ocean, country by country, and continent by continent. Stay tuned!!!

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