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BLKTYGR Chokers/Jewelry: http://www.blktygr.com
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ah yes i know i will never be shane dawson but i absolutely love watching & making this type of video. here are some more mandela effects! let me know if you have any that you hardcore believe in. thanks so much for watching! don’t forget to subscribe (only if u want tho). xoxo, Lexie

I’m selling my old clothes and fun items on these 2 apps:
– Mercari App (@ItsMeLexie1)- Use the code “UGYSJC” when you sign up for free credit!
– Poshmark App (@ItsMeLexie1)- Use the code “PBDWM” when you sign up for free credit!

My PO Box Address:
PO Box 582
Round Rock, TX

pssst…if you’re reading this switch to HD! your eyes will thank you, it’s a million times better.

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