Mandela Effect see JFK killed in the old 4 seat reality .. stick with this video .. i do some forensic tests with measurements and compare the 4 seat car in question to what shows us to be reality now the long 6 seat stretch .. the disparity in size is amazingly different … meaning the stretch is much longer and is proved!
Here is the link to the source video
“John F Kennedy JFK Mandela Quantum Effect Proof”
A shout out to Abram Laureles for this incredible find. Like and subscribe to him for his efforts!
I grew up watching the zapruder film over and over and it was approximately one year ago when the last I watched it when it was still a 4 seat 4 people in the car scenario. Then it changed for me about 8 months ago when I saw the zapruder as it is now .. in this reality .. a six seater six person reality.