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Today, we get a unique perspective on the Mandela Effect from Buddhist author, Von Galt. Von spent 40 years studying the ascension of Earth into the 5th dimension. 40 years in manifesting parallel realities through Buddhism/Hinduism, 20 years following consciousness research in academia, and she spent the last 5 years as a QHHT hypnosis practitioner which further confirms what is going on. Let’s get into what the concept of parallel realities and parallel lives are according to Tibetan Buddhist & Vedic Hindu texts.

Von is expected to publish her three-volume book series from her 2012 blog articles on this HUGE topic later this summer. Be on the look-out for, “Buddhist Mandalas: 5D Awakening with Sacred Geometry”.

For more about Von’s work:
Von’s book, “Buddhist Guide to Manifest Parallel Realities” and author page.

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