There’s so much to cover with this story that this video could have been 1 or 2 hours long. The whole area of the Grand Canyon has changed…ever so slightly in most place and dramatically like the example I give here with the Little Colorado River.

I firmly believe the world is getting better and I hope to show that through the next how ever many videos it takes. Of course we have those that see the world has a glass that is half empty, but I’m Optimistic Prime, and I see a whole lot of love and healing!

In this video I show how I feel Arizona, which used to have more dessert terrain that what we see now, is slowly healing with the aid of Monsoons and the ever presence of water every where now!!!

I will tie this video in with the Hopi Research I have been doing, and I hope to show that everyone can do the same! So many of us are lost on this planet with no connection to where we really come from or don’ t have the identity they feel they need to be whole…like me.

The Mandela Effect has revealed more about my culture, and I need to learn what I am seeing and how to process this information. It’s not just for me though…its for you as well!!!

Stay tuned for more awesome videos!!!

Here’s something to read up on!!!:

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