Seriah is joined by experiencer, spiritual practitioner, and author Tillie Treadwell. Topics include early childhood paranormal memories, neurodivergence and perception, Gulf Breeze FL, time slips and anomalies, society’s growing acceptance of paranormal phenomena, the “Mandela Effect”/retconning, a strange experience with an old-fashioned clock, a bizarre incident with a traffic light, extremely early memories, discussions of the “Mandela Effect”/retconning on, problems of spam on social media, celebrity deaths that seem to repeat, Fairy experiences, Fae music, strange lights, tiny animals in formal dress, the constant presence of lights in different kinds of phenomena, non-human people, Djinn, co-creation, Jeffrey Kripal, different perceptions of reality, objective vs subjective experiences, the mindset of atheism, fundamentalist religion, Seriah’s bizarre dream encounter with an entity, Tillie’s similar deep dream, a recent incredibly intense NDE, Egyptian gods, Aleister Crowley’s analogy of the Mountain, trans-cultural phenomena, an encounter with Crowleyan entity Lam, a bizarre experience smoking hookah favored tobacco, ayahuasca, an attempted “invasion” by bizarre entities, paranormal experiences becoming contagious, kundalini energy, the q-code podcast “Ad Lucem”, Strange Realities conference, time slips, cat experiences, a bizarre encounter featuring a time slip and an onion allergy and a cat, missing time experiences, apports and other appearing objects, electronic/electrical experiences, a bizarre encounter with an electric stove, buzzing phenomenon, “Holy Laughing” in Pentecostal churches, sleep paralysis, the importance of nutrition and adequate sleep in response to negative experiences, and much more! This is a unique, fascinating conversation!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell