An extensive collection of residue for the song “Titanium” being sung by Rihanna.

Who do you remember singing “Titanium”?

Now, current reality states that Sia was always the vocalist for “Titanium” since it’s conception in 2011. Yet, many of us don’t share that same history or that same memory.

When I first looked into this effect, I could only find around (9) pieces of residue. However, as time went on I decided to do another search for this effect. What I found next was (30) more pieces of residue that I had never seen before in its place. I found that strange. It’s as if more residue is bleeding over from “somewhere else”.. and into the current time stream we find ourselves in.

Make sure to share if this one effects you; or send it to a friend to see what they remember.

Thanks for watching.

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Titanium – Rihanna (Karen Cover): Jesus G

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