The Mandela Effect got its name from people saying they remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980s in prison. Since then many people have claimed that many changes in their reality can be attributed to the Mandela effect. The theories for the causes for the effect are many. Here is a few of the best examples.
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Mandela Effect Examples – 50 examples in Under 4 Minutes! 2016

1. Jiffy peanut butter is now Jif
2. Home Depot is now The Home Depot
3. JC Penny is now JC Penney
4. Nutrella now Nutella
5. Febreeze is now Febreze
6. Oscar Meyer is now Oscar Mayer
7. Double Bubble is now Dubble Bubble
8. The Volvo emblem is now a male symbol
9. Wolkswagen emblem is now split
10. Ford emblem now has a little loop in the F
11. Fruit loops Is now froot Loops Spelled with a double o
12. Sketchers is now Skechers. Now spelled without a t
13. Proctor and Gamble is now Procter and Gamble
14. Chic-fil-A or Chik-fil-A is now Chick-Fil-A
15. Kit-Kat doesn’t have a dash anymore
16. Whiteout is now wite out
17. Cup of Noodles is now Cup Noodles
18. Rubix Cube is now Rubik’s Cube
19. Chuck E. cheese is now Chuck E. Cheeses
20. Looney Toons is now Looney Tunes
21. Kate Perry is now Katy Perry
22. Jim Bean is now Jim Beam
23. Henry Houdini is now Harry Houdini
24. Gaddafi dying at varied times
25. Smokey the Bear is now Smokey bear
26. Inspector Gadget No longer has a mustache
27. Curious Jorge no longer has a tail.
28. Remembering Bill Nye Dying in 2012
29. Hitler’s eye color changing from brown to blue
30. People remember the monopoly man having a Monocle
31. Pikachu’s tail is no longer black
32. The Berestein Bears are now The Berenstain Bears
33. People remember Mona Lisa being emotionless now she has a smirk.
34. People remember Sinbad in a genie movie in the 90’s but not such movie
35. Desi Arnez is now Desi Arnaz
36. Queens “we are the Champions” no longer ends after with cause we are the champions…. “of the world” Of the world is gone!
37. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood opening them song. Changed from “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” to It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood”
38. Cuba is larger today
39. Beam me up, Scotty is now Beam me aboard
40. Interview with A Vampire Is now Interview with The Vampire
41. Starwars line, “Luke I am your father” is now “no, I am your father”
42. Field of dreams line, “if you build it they will come” is now “If you build it He will come”
43. Silence of the lambs Line “Hello, Clarice. “ Is now missing
44. K-pax Movie starting Nicholas Cage instead of Kevin Spacey
45. Sex in The City is now Sex and the city
46. C3PO isn’t all gold Now has a silver leg
47. Forest Gump line, “Life is like a box of Chocolates” is now “Life was like a box of chocolates”
48. Snow white line: “mirror, mirror on the wall” is now “Magic Mirror on the wall”
49. Tank man refused to get out of the way and was ran over. Never happened he just got on top of the tank
50. Nelson Mandela Died in prison in the 80’s he actually died in 2013

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