This is a one off video. Twenty years in the making. This is about something bizarre that happened to me sometime in 1996 or 1997. Is it correlated with The Mandela Effect? Maybe.. Maybe not. I’m not here to say I know anything special. No predictions. No proclamations on what is the origin of the M E. Nothing like that. I’m simply speculating on a possible correlation of events.

Sorry I made a mistake. In the beginning I said go back a year or so. More like ten years. This was my first take and it was made rather hastily to just finally get it out and recorded.. As I said. It took me twenty years to finally point the camera at myself and hit record.

Look.. I know this is a weird topic. One that is hard to comprehend. One that some of you just simply refuse to give any credence to. And I know there are a lot of self appointed experts that love to throw their personal beliefs / knowledge at people until they relent. Just know I am not one of those people.

All I want is answers.

Also… I’m already familiar with things such as false memories and cognitive dissonance. Of course I give all conventional theories some merit. As do a lot of people that have experience with the M E. But when traditional theories don’t quite check all of the boxes. You have to start to at least consider other non conventional ideas.

Thanks for your time.

** FYI. Any hateful or extremely ignorant comments will be deleted. A little ignorant is fine I suppose. 🙂