www.realityshifters.com — Blake Crouch’s new book, Recursion is a fast-paced thriller, based on the real-life scientific discovery that new memories can be implanted in mice.  The book Recursion explores how this idea might be utilized with humans, and what the implications might be.

In this video, Cynthia reviews similarities and differences between real-life Mandela effects and reality shifts and those found in the pages of Blake Crouch’s thriller, ‘Recursion.’ Some recent scientific findings in 2019 indicate there may be no such thing as objective reality–and many experiencers of reality shifts and Mandela effects notice that very same thing. And while many people seem to wish they could go back in time and get ‘do-overs’ where they can make new choices this time as they step into the lives of their younger selves–most reality shift experiences involve the past suddenly being very different (without any need to re-live anything).

You can view the companion blog post on this topic online at: https://wp.me/pbqQk-180