www.realityshifters.com – This past month, it came to my attention that a passage from one of my books that I’d received the most emails about is now–and apparently always has been–missing.  By missing, I mean I can find no trace of it anywhere.  And it seems likely to me that it’s gone missing for many years.  You might well wonder why I would say such thing, let alone wonder how such a thing could be possible.  I’ll start by describing how this matter first came to my attention this past week.  I’d received a couple of emails from two different authors, and both email conversations prompted me to mention a certain memorable section from my book, Aura Advantage.  This was a very unique and unusual section of the book, where I describe how one day, I heard my salad telepathically communicate with me.  I used to get emails each year, up until maybe seven years ago or so, from people who were disturbed by the idea that salad might be sentient.  Typically, these readers had explained to me that they were vegetarians or vegans, and also that they were first startled and then somewhat horrified at the thought of anyone conversing with vegetables before eating them.  People are not writing to me anymore regarding this concern, and they haven’t written emails to me about this for many years now.  It seems the reason might be that my books no longer have anything like this in any of them.  That now-missing passage had been part of my book from when the first edition was published in 2003, up until possibly 2015–and I only noticed it’s missing this past month.

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