A big thank you to everyone for watching my video about Quantum Physics and the Mandela Effect.

Let’s continue the conversation!

Because continuing the conversation does not involve my company, I am moving some things around on this channel and renaming it to “Quantum Businessman”.

All NECS, inc. subscribers will be properly redirected.

I will be putting out new videos in the near future about the Mandela Effect, Quantum Physics and learning new ways to do business.

In the meantime, here is a video that I recently made at my home with my family.

It concerns how the Mandela Effect has crossed generations, and how even the younger generation is being affected.

I encourage you to ask your children, grand-children, etc. about the Pokemon Pikachu Mandela Effect, and even record their reaction as I did.

Feel free to send me your video clips. You can contact me via chris@necs.com.

I can put them into a video montage together of our children’s reactions, which come from a sincere, truthful and innocent source.

As a point of reference, you can watch this video of famous internet artist Pewdiepie drawing Pikachu from his memory:

Our children represent a powerful source of imagination and creativity. We can only imagine how wonderfully different their world will be.

A special thanks to my girlfriend Eleanor, her son Raizer, and my two sons Aiden and Owen.