Join us as we chat about quantum mechanics with Digital Scribe @ and a host of other guests and YouTubers.
Our panel includes these YouTubers:
Meegs B: (
Linda: (, Guy Fauques –
TEDxBoulder – Thad Roberts – Visualizing Eleven Dimensions
Double Slit Experiment – The Strangeness Of Quantum Mechanics

What is Gravity?: The Flat earths Electromagnetic field

The Secret of Working Knowingly With God – Adapted from a speech by Walter Russell

Flat Earth is A Battery, So Are We –
Revelation 19:13 tells us that the NAME of JESUS CHRIST is the WORD OF GOD. He is eternal, unchanging and all powerful and His WORDS never fail, they are settled in heaven. What we are seeing is an assault against the printed and audible Bible and more.

How is this happening? CERN, DWAVE computing, and Quantum Computers – RESEARCH this!

The Name of Jesus Christ is The Word of God and he is unchanging and His Words are eternal. Forever settled in heaven. That said, there is an assault, a demonic inspired assault, against scripture. The Bride must wake up and defend the truth.

The strong delusion has arrived. Are you awake?

Read Amos 8:11-12, Daniel 7:25, and 2 Thessalonians 2:8-11
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