Most everyone on the planet is now aware that this year is like no other.  Humanity has dealt with pandemics before, such as Cholera, and the Spanish flu of a hundred years ago.  But this time, perhaps for the first time, people all around the world are sharing the collective experience of sheltering at home. This year, 2020, feels like an especially interesting year of communication between Nature and humanity.  Physicists such as John Archibald Wheeler and Henry Stapp remind us that when we ask questions, Nature answers.  So now we might well now wonder, “What was the question?”

This year’s International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) is happening the first weekend in June, June 5-7th, as a livestream event. Starting soon, a new video will be released on the IMEC YouTube channel, so please be sure to subscribe, so you’ll be notified as each new video is released! Here’s the link for the IMEC YouTube channel:

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