Sorry about this video in advance guys, but this should shock us into waking up.

If it isn’t blatantly obvious by now, OUR BIBLES ARE BEING TARGETED BY THE ENEMY!
The KJV Bible (and a lot of other versions of the bible now) has become so messed up it is just silly now. Our Bibles are the target of quantum D-Wave computing that CERN openly admits to using to access ‘multiple dimensions.’ CERN is a satanic organization involved with the New World Order and working on changing our Bibles for a mass deception. This is spoken of in Bible prophecy (Amos 8:11 and 2 Thessalonians 2:11). Please don’t be deceived, guys! I’m on your side and just want to bring you guys what I know in my heart beyond the shadow of a doubt to be the truth. God is real, He LOVES you, and doesn’t want you to be deceived or scared of these Mandela Effect changes to our world!

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Here’s a few links to some great channels for ya!

My fave channel covering the Mandela Effect bible changes is EYA. She has just done excellent, amazing, amazing work covering the Bible changes since around June of last year. Please check her videos out!

EndTimes Bible Intelligence is another GREAT channel about the Mandela Effect and bible changes:

Jesus Christ My Redeemer is another great channel dedicated to exposing the bible changes:

Harmony Mandela Effect is a channel exposing the bible changes too–he’s pretty funny and I always get a kick out of his videos:

Evin Powers covers the bible changes too–his channel is great!

Finally, the whole reason I’m making these videos is to expose the evil that’s going on with the quantum manipulation of our bibles coming from the direction of CERN, and to LEAD PEOPLE IN THE DIRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST so that they may be able to have some truth!!! Asking Jesus into your heart is the absolute best decision you’ll ever make (this is coming from a hardcore former atheist), take it from me!!!! Here’s my testimony about how I came to find God as a former STAUNCH atheist:

Thanks SO much for watching and sharing guys. I’ll see you in the next video!