Episode 3 – “Mandela Effect in RPW”
Written and Directed by: Jamie Paolinetti

In Episode 3, Tess goes down the Mandela Effect rabbit hole to find some very famous sunglasses missing. We meet a new sassy school teacher, Joe who has a great heart but who is fed up with the lazy, narcissistic attitudes of today’s youth. Serling educates the gang on an old Conspiracy Theory. Crystal makes a visit and catches Lee off guard.
Starring Tom Simmons, John F. Henry II, Anette Puskas, Noelle Wheeler, James Arlow, Yohan Lefevre, and Karl Massabni, Kim Eberhardt, Sara Mia Serrander, Melissa Maurine Dalton, Donna Madach.
Produced by Kim Eberhardt & Anette Puskas, Supported by The Atwater Playhouse theatre company!
SYNOPSIS: Red Pill Wonderland is a tech free, internet free coffee house with a mystical throw back ambiance where people come to experience genuine human interaction. RPW was opened by Lee and Tess, two friends from vastly different generations, with a mentor/mentee relationship. Their hope is that RPW will offer a place of retreat from the mind-melting virtual world of the cell phone. The goal of this communal den is to recapture the art of conversation, intellectual development, and emotional connection between people from all walks of life. Strange, hilarious and mysterious things happen regularly to the visitors at Red Pill Wonderland, as the audience is treated to a front row seat on a journey through the challenges, absurdity and comedy of the human condition.