The Shazaam movie featuring Sinbad is real! The Sinbad genie movie is not an example of the Mandela Effect.

For years people have been talking about Shazaam like it was made up and never existed. They say that this scenario is prime example of the Mandela Effect. IT’S NOT TRUE! Shazaam is one of Zach’s favorite movies from the 90s.

The Mandela Effect is where a large portion of the population believes something that isn’t true. This happened when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned so long that people that he was dead until his release from prison.

What is going on with Shazaam is not the Mandela Effect but something far more sinister. There is some kind of conspiracy going on. Someone very powerful doesn’t want this movie to resurface and we need to find out why. If you have any leads email me at Together we can find the answers.

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