A viewer recently claimed to literally have the VHS tapes of the Sinbad Genie Movie in her hands as we were speaking. As ridiculous as it sounded, I entertained it because hey, if she really did have it, that would be amazing. An actual copy of the Sinbad Genie Movie would be a world-changing discovery, and I could be among the very first people to see this proof.

However, the attempt to show us this footage went as expected. She gave up after one failed attempt to upload footage of the Sinbad Genie Movie to YouTube. How disappointing. You’d think with such an amazing discovery, she’d have tried harder.

Deep down in every skeptic, there’s a piece of you that wants to discover something truly amazing, something that defies all known logic. The Sinbad Genie Movie live and in my comments section; that would have been amazing.

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