For more info on my next Monthly Tune-Up group session July 13th & 14th: Is my higher self out to get me? 0:27
Advice for those starting to wake up. 2:20
Christianity, am I a Christian? 5:43
What happens when we die? 9:40
How come you don’t make anymore Mandela Effect videos? 15:30
Laurel & Yanny 17:57
Have you ever taken psychedelics? 20:10

I will be in the US from Aug – Sept facilitating Personal Reconnections and Healing Sessions. For more info on what I do please visit my site at You can find more info on the frequency tab and sessions tab.
CA San Diego 8-1 thru 8-4
CA San Francisco 8-5 thru 8-9
NY Brooklyn 8-15 thru 8-18
FL Ft lauderdale 8-19 thru 22
CO Denver 8-27 thru 8-31
MO St, Louis 9-3 thru 9-5
OH Hamilton 9-7 thru 9-10

I might add a couple places in mid Sept

Healing Sessions are one hour long
(30 min session and then 30 min talk) You can schedule 1-3 sessions

The Personal Reconnection is a two-day process (one hour each day). It is a once in a lifetime process that will continue to unfold and bloom throughout the rest of your life.

Scheduling your Reconnection or Healing Session




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