The Darkest Conspiracy Theories Iceberg, wassup yall, today I’m explaining the darkest theories Iceberg I found, heck yee. From Micheal Jackson, Family guy, to Cern causing the mandela effect, this one is going be interesting!


The Iceberg Explained
Iceberg explained
Mandela Effect
Iceberg explained part 1
family guy theory

Away – Patrick Patrikios
Escapism – Yung Logos
Simple – Patrick Patrikios
The World’s Fair – Godmode
Dolphin-esque – Godmode
Beside Me – Patrick Patrikios
Mysterious Strange Things – Yung Logos
Darkest Child A – Kevin MacLeod
On the Island – Godmode
Lands Unknown – Futuremono
Two Moons – Bobby Richards
Glacier – Patrick Patrikios
Feels – Patrick Patrikios
Secret Job – Godmode


Intro: (0:00)
The Big 3 Companies: (0:48)
Germs: (3:08)
Cern Ritual Hoax: (4:29)
Businesses are purposefully understaffed: (5:36)
Greater sin theory: (6:19)
Malthusianism: (7:10)
Green Washing: (7:47)
Embassy of Heaven: (9:00)
Elon Musk’s credential: (10:12)
Oxfordian theory: (12:01)
Climate change not reported: (12:52)
Hebrew to N’s wake up: (13:37)
The Moon was built: (15:35)
Family guy clips are destroying your brain: (16:06)
1998 World cup final: (17:24)
Saturn moon claw marks: (18:26)
Modern movies are written by AI: (18:55)
Joseph Smith: (20:17)
Caimeo was real: (21:36)
Animal conspiracy: (22:24)
Weather and earthquake control projects: (23:11)
Kali Yuga: (23:42)
Volkswagen emissions scandal: (24:10)
The Philadephia experiment: (25:00)
Ted Cruz zodiac: (25:20)
Freeman on the land movement: (26:10)
disorder denial: (26:37)
Consumerism: (27:01)
Late stage cap: (27:33)