People will be decieved regardless, and i honestly believe this is the great deception, and if the mandela effect is real, it’s a strong delusion sent by God him self, for those who have pleasure in unrighteousness and not in the truth. If anything, we should be running away from the mandela effect, not towards it, God has nothing to hide, everthing is already revealed that needs to be known in the word of God. The only way were gonna be free is if we avoid every illogical thing, let go of what we think we know, and spend more time alone with the creator God and his word in prayer or meditation, in a quiet place. YouTube, and the World Wide Web is very infuential and powerful, and seducing, and makes us very vulnerable and weak to being miss lead. Let’s take our power back and never give anything that’s far from reality leverage to take away our time, and leave us high and dry with unanswered questions, and many sleepless nights, time to wake up and walk away from the madness and come back to reality, only we can make the decision for our self, the choice is ours. Thanks for watching, i hope your all doing well, many blessings and have wonderful and blessed day, peace love and many high hopes:0)