This is a group of videos taken over the week before my April 15th Three Year Anniversary Videos …
I have a few interviews set for the day … yet I AM still planning … obviously I can move my TOP Videos around … the way I see it, anything could happen that day … I hope to be a guest on the following channels unless specified that it will be on my channel … (all times are Mountain Time)

8 AM – Awaken Saint … {Not Finalized}
10 AM – NoblenessDee {Locked} – On My Channel
12 PM – DarkWolf’s Den – {Not Finalized}
2 PM – Michelle’s Opinions – {Locked}
4 PM – Photohelix – {Locked}
6 PM – The Top Twenty Least Hit Videos – On My Channel
8 PM – Unbiased & On The Fence – {Locked}
10 PM (Open)
12 Midnight – Cowboy {Locked}
2 AM – The Top Ten Most Hit Videos – On My Channel

My book Mind Beyond Matter – The Mandela Effect
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Some other Truth channels!

A Dose Of Reality :
Flat Earth British ~ Martin Liedtke :
G FromNC :
Lone Eagle :
Chick :
Quantum Of Conscious :
Jazz Sinclair:
One Upon A Timeline :
Unbiased & on the Fence:
Awaken Saint :
Armor Up:
Brian Staveley :
Rachel Reenstra:
Jynx Cat
Guy Fauqes:
Michele’s Opinions:
Hidden Knowledge:
Martha Jayne M:
Cynthia Sue Larson…
Rain On The Plains:
Shawn Indigo:…
Always Thinking:…
Bernadette Gold:
Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D :
Amanda Flaker :


The Mandela Effects could be called Side Effects from Shifting Your Consciousness to Other Timelines. They may also be Clues and Hints that you have Shifted. It Is My Hypothesis that We are Multidimensional Beings living in a Multiverse, Shifting Our Consciousness through Timelines & it Is Natural and We have Been doing It throughout Time. It’s how we experience Physical Reality … It’s how We Create …!

Stay Focused and Shift On …


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