What is church? Do we know what the Bible says about this or have we just readily accepted things that have no basis in reality or the Bible? I am not talking about having a verse for every single thing we do. I am talking about the broader mission, vision, and identity of church. Have we compromised and adopted models that would be unrecognizable in the early church?

Do we readily accept new definitions of church without a thought because they are so prevalent today? I believe we, in America, are culturally predispositioned to accept a corporate model of programmatic church because it promises success and results (two things we are big on in the West) and have largely not matched these practices up against the Bible.

The Mandela effect comes from a belief in the 80s & 90s that Nelson Mandela had died in prison when in reality he died in 2013 as a free man. Some things we come to readily accept without ever checking it against the Bible. These things become reality in our own minds. We must be careful and take care to examine the scriptures to make sure we align with Jesus.