The Mandela Effect shows us that nothing is set in stone and this entire existence could be a simulation that is running to its perfect end. Now the perfect end of any simulation depends on the creator of the simulation, but when I think about my Father and I look around at the beauty of His creation, I can’t help but come to the conclusion that God wants good things for us and in the end, we will have good things. In the end, I believe all of us will inherit Eternity.

There does seem to be a choice present in this existence, but I can promise you, it doesn’t run down a religious line or perspective. The grace of the Creator is perfect. It is complete. There is nothing we can do to earn it. There is no prayer we can pray or belief we can have. The testimony according to scripture is Eternal Life by the Word of God that was fulfilled from the foundation of the earth.

The fact that things are changing and we can see the Mandela Effect means that things are gonna continue to change. Remember, He says He is going to make all things new. It is very likely we are watching that process unfold. I feel more awake and aware than ever before. How about you? I am ready to see real change come to this world.