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If you want to participate in this video, pause it and answer these 4 questions in a comment. Don’t look it up, just do your best! Open and scroll down for the questions.
MORE CONSPIRACY THEORIES!- more conspiracy theory videos?
‚ú¶Micheal Jackson’s Mysterious Death:
‚ú¶Marylin Monroe:
‚ú¶Titanic sinking WAS PLANNED:
‚ú¶Mandela Effect:
‚ú¶MORE Mandela Effects:
‚ú¶Denver Airport Conspiracy:
‚ú¶MH370 Conspiracy:
‚ú¶Disney Conspiracy Theories:
‚ú¶More Disney Conspiracy Theories:
‚ú¶Pokemon Go Conspiracy:
‚ú¶Elisa Lam Conspiracy:
✦JonBenét Ramsey:
‚ú¶JFK Assassination:
‚ú¶Princess Diana:
‚ú¶Bermuda Triangle:
‚ú¶MK Ultra:
‚ú¶Santa Syndrome:
‚ú¶Clinton HIRED Donald Trump to Run?:

1. Fill in the blanks “BLANK BLANK on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
2. What is the famous TV show staring Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw?
3. Which spelling is correct: The Berenstein Bears or The Berenstain Bears?
4.What are the lyrics to the beginning of the Mr. Rodgers theme song?

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